I know I’m the last to jump on the Polyvore train, but my return to fashion begs for a styling outlet.

It’s a learning process, but I’d like to share a couple sets that I am particularly proud of:

Lunar New Year - Jason Wu

Lunar New Year – Jason Wu by platypus in boots featuring twill pants

This set I did as a tribute to Jason Wu as part of Polyvore’s Lunar New Year Contest.
If you don’t know his work (apart from what you see above), you should, it’s beautiful.
Check it out HERE. (Be warned: there’s music)

The second was just for fun, a set based on that beautiful feathered shoe:

Parisian Phoenix

Parisian Phoenix by platypus in boots featuring flower dresses

In fact, I am devoting a page to my styling adventures, so I’m not clogging up your feeds with this over and over, but you still have easy access.
You’ll find it here (and up on my Header).

What’s your take?

Do you play with Polyvore?