Blush and Tumble

frosted apple

my little pony hair - nylon magazine

And in honor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

Much love,


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Kings of Convenience

can’t believe it took me so long to find.

kings of convenience band

Umm yes, I love you.
Please would you come sing for me for my birthday?

Please if I make cupcakes?

Letterpress Love

Well, it just happened that several lovely letterpress artists were posting or had their work featured as inspiration. Thanks to all my sources! 1 2 3

Wiley Valentine

beautiful handmade letterpress by Wiley Valentine

Beautiful print - Island Fete - sophisticated and fun

Dude and Chick – (bonus: it’s local! yay twin cities metro area!)


Hammerpress Custom Wedding Invitations

Stunning - I love it.

Paper Monkey Press:

Paper Monkey Press Custom Wedding Invitations

Pretty and Fun!

I’d love to be able to try my hand at this someday.
I’m drooling and dreaming over here with all the possibilities.

Got any more letterpress for me?

Oh, what a beautiful mooooorning…

It’s quite early and I love it. Here are some beautiful bits of inspiration for your day:

Flirty 1950s (Vogue 1954, I believe) –

1950s 1954 Vogue magazine neutral blouse with matching gloves coral hat capI want that coral cap.
Vogue 1950s 1954 chocolate silk taffeta gown shrug metal bars

A beautiful brown for sure, but what is up with the giant paperclip?

vogue 1950s 1954 mustard cape jacket juggling rainbow balls blue checks pink dress

Well, that’s one way to juggle (ms. blue checks is not amused)

vogue 1950s 1954 greige beige flavourings gray jacket double breasted black buttons white hat gloves

Oh greige; what is your flavouring?

Ruche‘s Spring Lookbook (part II):

Such dreamy soft colors; I’m feeling a seaside vibe, but without the overt nautical sailor-girl look, which is nice.

I love large pretty rings

That bag ❤ – pretty much my fave color too

Very pulled together; I like the shape of that belt, and the pairing with that bag…

Is it wrong of me to love the ridiculous flower pouf taking over that first hat?

The Absolutely stunning Armani Prive Couture Spring 2010 Collection:

And my previously unsorted treasure trove of beads:

Certainly less glorious here, but look at what is hidden within:

So many different colors and shapes!
And that ain’t the half of it — it took two summers to de-string and organize all 90 lbs. (- whew-)
I am going to have lots of fun creating from all of this splendor.

Hope you enjoyed my bit of musing, come back soon!

much love, kait

Muse-ic to my ears (part 1) – Paris Market Savannah

Among my favorite stops for inspiration is a shop in downtown savannah called The Paris Market;

When I walk in, the coffeeshop section in the corner featuring shiny silverware and coffee accessories always catches my eye.
Beautiful books on photography, fashion (and dogs) are stacked beyond the tables of cottage country knickknacks and parisian soaps. 
The warehouse-y lower level is littered with wildlife taxidermy and beautiful modern-vintage mixed furniture.

If only I had about 8000 more dollars…aged beauty comes with a price tag after all.

However, my visual appetite is certainly whetted with this eclectic gem.

Here is just a taste, from their website:


image sources for: cakestands, carnival noses, and bakery cabinet

This place has me dreaming of fluffy pastries and strong coffee, leafing blithely through a coffeetable size book of black and white photography; organizing my stuffed coyote and belgian carnival noses on a rustic country cabinet; monogramming my entire house with delicate curled metal lettering.

Expect jewelry from me to come from this musing.
I’ll let you know what happens.
If nothing else, maybe I’ll have a Darwin-esque field journal.

If you are in Savannah, you should certainly check it out. It’s on the corner of Broughton (of course) and Whitaker.


I promise it is not insurance fraud.