Happy Valentine’s Day, My Dears

Much love,


Crocheted with Love

I’m trying to actually do the projects that I see, rather than squirreling them away never to be seen again.
And with that, I’d like your opinion on a couple of things.

First off is a bracelet that I made as an exercise in patternless crocheting.

It’s nice as a soft subtle accessory (as opposed to say, a charm bracelet, which is much louder).
I used a basic cotton crochet yarn (this one, I think?) and my size 5/e hook.

What do you think of the details, the way it sits? Would you wear it?
How would you style it?

Secondly, I tried not one but two crochet patterns of hearts.
You know, for (St.) Valentine’s Day.

The heart on the left is this pattern provided by June Gilbank on her blog (I was happy to stumble upon this wonderful pattern designer. She is very straightforward and detailed in her work. I only wish I had the funds to buy up some of these fantastic patterns!)

The heart on the right came is this pattern from the lovely ladies of Little Birdie Secrets. There’s even a video for further instruction!

The yarn I used was Schachenmayr nomotta Bamboo in pink with a size 5/e hook.

I would say that I found them to be of equal difficulty, both with favorable results. I like different aspects of each: the left heart has a more prominent chain edge around the heart, which is really pretty. The right heart has a more pointed heart shape.
At least, this was my experience having completed each one time. It’s possible that with slight tension adjustment, either could achieve the other’s results.

Doesn’t it make you want to make hundreds of these little guys?
Ahh, I love crocheting!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or see what projects you’ve got cookin’!