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And in honor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

Much love,


Etsy Love x Graphic

The colors! The shapes.
I’m going crazy for some geometrics and bold color palettes.
Is it cabin fever? Probably.
Does that make these pieces any less AWESOME?
I submit that it does not. (pssst. Brian Regan you make me laugh. All the time. Thanks.)

soft cotton candy to deep pink plus black and white. Love.


It's a little bit carnival or Dr.Suess. Much more interesting than your average wall clock.


I never wear leggings, but I'm mesmerized by this print.



mmmmm...sequins. This IS the cat's meow.

Thanks again Etsy. The journey is always an inspiring one.

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy.
All images are linked to their respective shops.

( – pssssssssst. You should snatch these things up, because I can’t.)


Doll Maker

Everyone has their cabbage patch kid, their raggedy ann or andy; along with teddy bears and blankies, dolls mark one of the nostalgic icons of childhood. As with most things, the best of these items came lovingly handmade and was carried around until it fell apart. 

My littlest sister just turned 12 so we aren’t exactly in the doll years anymore. But do you ever truly grow out of your childhood completely?

Here is a tribute to every child who had a special friend to cling to in the wee hours of the night when the monster under the bed threatened to strike.
An Etsy Handmade Portrait on Mimi Kirchner:

While you may think twice about handing off these skillfully crafted pieces to small grabbing hands, at least you can delight in their handmade but oh so delectable goodness.

Etsy Love on a summer day

Today was a joint birthday party for three of my 2nd cousins, in classic summer style:
hot dogs, outdoor games and every kind of salad you can think of.

I was bit up by 100 misquitoes, downed two cans of dr.pepper and was victorious after a long sweaty game of ladder golf in the sun against my little brother. Give me some lemonade and a swimming pool and my summer day is set. It was fun.
Of course it got me thinking about summer sundresses and swimsuits.
Time for an Etsy tribute:
I’ve been on a yellow kick lately. Particularly with bright green variations.

Etsy love day 3
(clockwise from top-left)
Don’t you love the playful look of these Ray of Sunshine Earrings? (from laralewis).
If I were particularly adventurous, I’d pair them with this Custom Fern Dress by Clementinyclothing
I love wrap dresses. They are so fun and flirty. I could wear this earthy Surfer Girl Bracelet (from kschultz1) as well.
With a cute pair of sandals or maybe just my bare toes in the grass I could even wear it as an anklet!
If there happens to be a wind, I can fly a kite! I don’ t know about you, but I always get my hair in my eyes.
But you won’t see me with boring bobby pins. I’d opt for these beautiful Pink Hydrangea Hair Clips by EnchantedlyYours. I’m such a sucker for cute clips and bows. I’m such a girly girl sometimes.
For beach days I can pack my stuff in a super cute bag like this De manos beige and green tote by ziazia.
It would totally match this ladramaqueen beauty, Absinthe one- piece swimsuit. Yay for retro-inspired (am i right?).


I do Love Lemonade in the Summer

Alright, I just finished the prototype tank for the ones soon to be available. Each is made on different bits of fabric so as to use what I have rather than buy it (and it makes each one unique). I altered the pattern

Here it is, the summer lemonade tank:




There was a slight tearing in parts of the fabric where it is difficult to mend subtly, so I will keep this one.
In any case it’s cousins will be along the same vein.

Hope you like!

Much love,

Etsy Love on a cloudy day #2

Seems like I end up on etsy whenever I can’t be out and about.

Today’s theme is feeling good and looking pretty.

Etsy love day 2

Left to right, top to bottom:
1. Oly Top by IslaLunaGifts – Solid color and great braid detail – perfect for wearing with many-colored skirts
2. Evening in Paris Vintage Slip Makeover by pinkpurse – I love slips; they’re slinky and super comfortable (and I’m a sucker for lace).
3. Striped Tutu Party Dress by ouma – I hardly need an excuse to want to dress up, but this dress is exceptionally beautiful. A clean basic top and a giant pouf of white tulle. The black and white stripes get me, as well as the fun of so much tulle!
4. Alexis Clutch by ao3designs– maybe it’s the black white and pink combination; I’ve always found it so elegant.
5. Hedgehog Ice cream cone wristlet by Allenbrite – For the dress-down days, how cute!


My inspiration board is filled again, and new works are coming down the line.
Patience; photos coming soon, my dears.

Etsy Love for a Cloudy day

It’s cloudy out again today. These sorts of days are slow and get me restless.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in fact hoping for rain. Minnesota has been pretty dry so far this summer. My county is technically beyond “abnormally dry” and into drought conditions. No fun.

Well, in any case, it’s chilly out and I’m stuck inside trying to stay warm with a hot cup of coffee.
In honor of the clouds, I made a little cloudy day Etsy roundup (who doesn’t end up on Etsy on a rainy day?)

Cloudy day etsy love

In order from left to right, top to bottom: Black Coffee Kitchen Soap from Adelaides, Playgroundish C Print from phoot, Cup of Joe ring from thelovelyteaspoon, Pink Gingham Bunny Shoes from emandsprout, Sweets and Joy Pinafore from necessityisthemother.
Clean kitchens, warm toes, and looking cute when it’s yucky out. That’s today’s etsy love.

I would kill for just about any of the pinafore from necessityisthemother. It is one of my very favorite shops.
Sadly, I can’t justify a $50 purchase right now (and so for now drooling and haunting shall continue) I should try my hand at pinafore construction. I have fabric all over the place.
I wonder…

Can’t say every Monday with be an Etsy love day; but it is a frequent haunt of mine, so these will probably happen fairly often.

Well, until I find another thing to post about, bye for now!