People are Awesome, and I Love Mail aka Kait’s First Ever Fabric Swap

My fabric swap package from came today! (Erin, yours is in the mail! — And don’t worry, the snow can’t get it .:D)
The packaging was a hit with my sister. She got it from the puzzled mail carrier.
I didn’t know you could send two-liters in the mail!

Check it out!

I love the little stitched howdy on her note. So fun!

I may have had a bit of a hard time opening it, despite being given instruction as to how it should be done.
Like a monkey trying to do a math problem…

Here’s the whole deal!

Aaaaaaand I officially have the best scrappy partner ever! Look at this adorable coffee cozy.

It even has my first initial on it, how thoughtful! This made my week. Thank you so much Erin!!!  (~ that is from me, my chilly hands and my coffee cup ;D)


3 Comments on “People are Awesome, and I Love Mail aka Kait’s First Ever Fabric Swap”

  1. SewTara says:

    That’s soooo cool!! I bet they were puzzled.

    How lame am I not including a cup cozy with my package!!!?? That’s what I sell in my shop! hehe

    Thanks for signing up I think everyone will have a lot of fun.

    • kait says:

      Oh dear, it’s all good, I’m sure!
      (Though I hear ya, I definitely wish mine was more dazzling.)
      Thanks for organizing this swap! Fantastic idea and certainly a great deal of fun.

  2. Oh my gosh, what cool packaging! Happy Friday 🙂

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