What’s in your purse?

I find that the crap you carry around tells an interesting story about you, especially with the consideration that were you of the opposite sex you would undoubtedly not have all of these things on your person.
Let’s see what we can discern from my purse contents spilled out for all to see.

To start, this is my baby; my beautiful Hugo Boss purse (my reward for hours of sample sale work):

And this is all the crap I jam inside:

Notable goods include:
For fresh breath regardless of mood: Dentyne Fire and Eclipse Peppermint
For self-defense: a box cutter and a sharpened plastic stick (thanks Dad!)
For a coffee fix regardless of mood/location: A Starbucks and a Caribou card.
Three kinds of lipstuffs.
Two packages of tissues.
Migraine medication.
Money in three separate containers.
A lint brush; no fuzzies or stray hairs allowed on my sweaters.
And a tampon. Of course.

Details (because I like close-ups):

Drugs, another purse, and a Moleskin:
I get migraines. Those drugs are ALWAYS with me for when the meteor strikes.
My pretty green wallet/mini-purse has my credit cards and suchlike, as well as too many receipts, too few dollars, and tons of change (by which I mean useless pennies).
I need to have something more reliable than a napkin to write ideas (for outfits, projects, songs, grocery items, who knows) before I forget. Because I will forget.

And still more tissues, in case the first pack isn’t enough.

Yes, I also keep some of my money an plastic chocolate wrapper and one dollar in quarters in a little used-to-be keychain book. Just in case, I guess.

Three, count ’em, three lip items, if you will.
1. St. Francis chap-stick (for humility and moisturized lips!)
2. Mary Kay tinted moisturizer in Apricot ( for when chapstick doesn’t cut it, yet still subtle. I love it.)
3. CG Wetslicks in Fig Splash (for when I’m feeling a little more luscious)

And a travel pack of tissues.

Can you tell I’m a little indecisive?
(Uhhh…three kinds of lipstuffs, two flavors of gum. Yeah. That may be rather apparent.)

What are you stashing away in your purse? What does it say about you?
(And what do you think my crap says about me?)

I’d love to see/hear about it!


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