Where’d you get that dress?

It all started with my dislike of shorts as cruisewear; I needed a dress to wear. I had about a $60 max to spend in this department, so we went to Target (I will not shop at wal-mart, just fyi – I cannot justify it). And boy, what a bargain!

I tried on six super comfy super cute dresses at Target yesterday, and came home with three of them, lamenting that a fourth was not in my size, all made well enough that I do not fear their disintegration when I wash them, and each for only $20 and under.

Here’s what I came home with:

a cute purple plaid dress, a green sundress (I promise – it’s minty green in person), and a blue tropical sundress.

Plus this one for my little sis.

I wanted this dress, but it was x-small 😦

If you are at all in need of summer dresses (say for instance, your summer will be spent in Savannah, Georgia), I would definitely suggest checking out Target’s current selection. They have all sorts of options; it’s awesome.

Yay Target! (this time)


2 Comments on “Where’d you get that dress?”

  1. Ariel says:

    (found your blog on 20SB and LOVE IT)

    I adore Target. I am rarely disappointed in it, no matter what I’m looking for. One of my favorite stores for cheap-yet-chic stuff!

    (Plus, they have massive markdowns – you can get cute shirts for like, $3. Awesome.)

    • kait says:

      Aww, thank you! (and the blog-love — you’re adorable; thanks!)

      I just got back from target actually! We found “throwback” pop with REAL sugar and fitting throwback labeling. Dr. Pepper without the high fructose corn syrup? –amazing.

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