Letterpress Love

Well, it just happened that several lovely letterpress artists were posting or had their work featured as inspiration. Thanks to all my sources! 1 2 3

Wiley Valentine

beautiful handmade letterpress by Wiley Valentine

Beautiful print - Island Fete - sophisticated and fun

Dude and Chick – (bonus: it’s local! yay twin cities metro area!)


Hammerpress Custom Wedding Invitations

Stunning - I love it.

Paper Monkey Press:

Paper Monkey Press Custom Wedding Invitations

Pretty and Fun!

I’d love to be able to try my hand at this someday.
I’m drooling and dreaming over here with all the possibilities.

Got any more letterpress for me?


2 Comments on “Letterpress Love”

  1. Aimee says:

    Wedding planning is SUPER EXCITING! I’m getting married this year and I just can’t wait but I’m worried I am a little laid back! I think I need to get planning properly!
    Good luck with yours! Enjoy it!


    • kaitmustwait says:

      Thank you!
      It is all quite exciting, isn’t it?
      I think planning gets easier when you remember that when it comes down to it, it’s your (as in the two of you, not your mom’s or your cousins’ or your neighbor that wants to weigh in on with her expert opinion) day, so you can make it what you want.

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