Muse-ic to my ears (part 1) – Paris Market Savannah

Among my favorite stops for inspiration is a shop in downtown savannah called The Paris Market;

When I walk in, the coffeeshop section in the corner featuring shiny silverware and coffee accessories always catches my eye.
Beautiful books on photography, fashion (and dogs) are stacked beyond the tables of cottage country knickknacks and parisian soaps. 
The warehouse-y lower level is littered with wildlife taxidermy and beautiful modern-vintage mixed furniture.

If only I had about 8000 more dollars…aged beauty comes with a price tag after all.

However, my visual appetite is certainly whetted with this eclectic gem.

Here is just a taste, from their website:


image sources for: cakestands, carnival noses, and bakery cabinet

This place has me dreaming of fluffy pastries and strong coffee, leafing blithely through a coffeetable size book of black and white photography; organizing my stuffed coyote and belgian carnival noses on a rustic country cabinet; monogramming my entire house with delicate curled metal lettering.

Expect jewelry from me to come from this musing.
I’ll let you know what happens.
If nothing else, maybe I’ll have a Darwin-esque field journal.

If you are in Savannah, you should certainly check it out. It’s on the corner of Broughton (of course) and Whitaker.


One Comment on “Muse-ic to my ears (part 1) – Paris Market Savannah”

  1. From the pics it sure seem to be an inspiring place but 8000 dollars just don’t grow on trees for me either 😛

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