Doll Maker

Everyone has their cabbage patch kid, their raggedy ann or andy; along with teddy bears and blankies, dolls mark one of the nostalgic icons of childhood. As with most things, the best of these items came lovingly handmade and was carried around until it fell apart. 

My littlest sister just turned 12 so we aren’t exactly in the doll years anymore. But do you ever truly grow out of your childhood completely?

Here is a tribute to every child who had a special friend to cling to in the wee hours of the night when the monster under the bed threatened to strike.
An Etsy Handmade Portrait on Mimi Kirchner:

While you may think twice about handing off these skillfully crafted pieces to small grabbing hands, at least you can delight in their handmade but oh so delectable goodness.


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