Update of a crafty sort



Lovely fabrics from the stash
Fabric stash


Well, here I am so far (yay for muslin)…
Muslin test

Should be something good cooking, the test went well. I seem to have successfully modified an old Stretch and Sew pattern for a fitted top. I’m not sure yet how to proceed with closures.  I hesitate to add buttons or a zipper to the back (anyone else always seem to lean back on those, painfully laying directly along your spine?) but I don’t know if it can be a pull-over type.
That my current hurdle.

Most likely these will be my debut items in the shop (you know, just fyi).

In other news, added the SocialVibe widget to my sidebar, figured I’d throw a little plug here for it. It is an interesting system, using advertising for a charitable cause simply by giving a couple minutes of attention to a video (an ad, of course) and rating it. Not a bad idea.
I chose the Children’s Miracle Network as my cause because my dad is a nurse at a childrens’ specialty hospital so I know some of the inside scoop. My brother used to have to eat Powerbars when he was younger because he simply was not gaining weight, so I found it fitting as a sponsor.


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