Etsy Love on a cloudy day #2

Seems like I end up on etsy whenever I can’t be out and about.

Today’s theme is feeling good and looking pretty.

Etsy love day 2

Left to right, top to bottom:
1. Oly Top by IslaLunaGifts – Solid color and great braid detail – perfect for wearing with many-colored skirts
2. Evening in Paris Vintage Slip Makeover by pinkpurse – I love slips; they’re slinky and super comfortable (and I’m a sucker for lace).
3. Striped Tutu Party Dress by ouma – I hardly need an excuse to want to dress up, but this dress is exceptionally beautiful. A clean basic top and a giant pouf of white tulle. The black and white stripes get me, as well as the fun of so much tulle!
4. Alexis Clutch by ao3designs– maybe it’s the black white and pink combination; I’ve always found it so elegant.
5. Hedgehog Ice cream cone wristlet by Allenbrite – For the dress-down days, how cute!


My inspiration board is filled again, and new works are coming down the line.
Patience; photos coming soon, my dears.


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