Thursday with a question

 I’m in a bit of a snag: Last summer I inherited approximately 90 lbs of beads (that’s no exaggeration either) from my late great-grandmother, completely unsorted. I spent the better part of that summer pulling necklaces apart and separating the different beads into tiny little baggies and placed in collection with the other beads of that color. I now have a one gallon each of silver and gold (chains mostly) and a quart or two each of blue, red, purple, pink, green, orange, brown, multicolor, white, black, clear, seed beads, sprinkle-looking, and pearlescent. I even accumulated a little more than a gallon size donation bag of items I didn’t want. That part is great. 
But then there are all of these:


I haven’t sorted any of these out yet and I have to say I am a little overwhelmed.
So my question is, should anyone care to give me their two cents, how should I tackle this mountain of necklaces. Should I continue to dismantle them one by one as I have been doing or is there a better way I could go about this? Should I be pickier with what I keep? Is a de-stashing in order?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

 In other news, I took a couple more light box photos, after changing location (still don’t have a second light source, which should clear up the shadows (my last issue with the outcome). Still quite happy with it, especially since as of yet no money was put into it (I’m attempting to spend as little as possible this summer considering I have yet to find work around here).

bead spider
this is a spider I made a couple of years ago from a tutorial I found online.

clover key
a clover key pin that also came from my great-grandma.

One of the 800+ bracelets from my great-grandma’s stash.

I also made cupcakes today (because I have an uncontrollable urge to bake when I am home with an oven once more) and since it is officially the first day of summer for the little sibs. I’ve been out of school since June began, but they are still in their pre-college years.

devil's food cupcakes

Mm mm don’t they look delicious? Well, they are. I took my mom’s classic devil’s food cake recipe and a recipe I found online of chocolate butter cream frosting (minus two of the four cups of powdered sugar as we ran out and I was afraid it’d be too sweet that way. We’re much more about rich dessert than sweet in our household. I’d rather eat cheesecake or a dark chocolate concoction than ice cream or a sweet fruit pie any day (though I will admit, minus the pie’s crust, all of the above are most certainly delicious anytime they are around to be consumed). Please excuse (my dear aunt sally…?) the messy frosting. We don’t have our handy little frosting pump anymore so it was applied with a spatula, much to my frustration. Ah well, it tastes just as good either way.

Kayo, that’s all for now.


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