Etsy Love for a Cloudy day

It’s cloudy out again today. These sorts of days are slow and get me restless.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in fact hoping for rain. Minnesota has been pretty dry so far this summer. My county is technically beyond “abnormally dry” and into drought conditions. No fun.

Well, in any case, it’s chilly out and I’m stuck inside trying to stay warm with a hot cup of coffee.
In honor of the clouds, I made a little cloudy day Etsy roundup (who doesn’t end up on Etsy on a rainy day?)

Cloudy day etsy love

In order from left to right, top to bottom: Black Coffee Kitchen Soap from Adelaides, Playgroundish C Print from phoot, Cup of Joe ring from thelovelyteaspoon, Pink Gingham Bunny Shoes from emandsprout, Sweets and Joy Pinafore from necessityisthemother.
Clean kitchens, warm toes, and looking cute when it’s yucky out. That’s today’s etsy love.

I would kill for just about any of the pinafore from necessityisthemother. It is one of my very favorite shops.
Sadly, I can’t justify a $50 purchase right now (and so for now drooling and haunting shall continue) I should try my hand at pinafore construction. I have fabric all over the place.
I wonder…

Can’t say every Monday with be an Etsy love day; but it is a frequent haunt of mine, so these will probably happen fairly often.

Well, until I find another thing to post about, bye for now!


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