I never know how to start…

I find that I am intimidated by the blank page whether it be proverbial or if I am quite literally staring at a pristine 8.5×11 that I’m supposed to mark up.
Well, I found a starting place for this blog, luckily (I was concerned it would be another project started and quickly abandoned; I’m fickle that way). I have often been a fan of blogs; fashion blogs, crafty blogs, blogs from moms, blogs with inspirational photos, showcases of indie goods, etc.
One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday night is blogroll jumping. I find a blog that I like from my favorites list, scroll down to their blogroll, and proceed to tab numerous blogs from the list. This search leads me to new wonderful blogs to sift through and be inspired (and read a few interesting stories along the way).

That is how I found this fun blog and the beginning to my own:

Oh, Hello Friend, a beautiful inspiration blog, is having a giveaway.

Sure, it is a somewhat devious way of entering myself into the blog-o-sphere, but I figure I can look at it as killing two birds with one stone.
Beyond the giveaway, check out some of the posts. The Inspire: Lovely section off of the daily sidebar is particularly fetching, I’d say. But then I am a sucker for colorful photography: stationery, dresses, and polaroids too. I am definitely adding this blog to my frequent haunts. Surely it will inspire creativity and crafty deliciousness.


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